Hoptimize Organic by the Case, 12 times the hops at a 44% savings plus Free Shipping

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 Hoptimize Organic by the case is 12 X the hops bitters for better beer! Get enough to share the revolution, or start retailing.  If you want to purchase in a higher volume shoot us an email for wholesale pricing. 

 Hoptimize is a blend of the finest hop extracts. Cascade and Bravo for aroma and Apollo for bittering. Change the hop profile of any beer or use it as a bitters in your favorite cocktail.  

If you like Craft  Beer you will love Hoptimize!  Imagine clean, crisp bittering and the aroma of lush, fresh hops bursting from your glass...Even when craft beer is unavailable.  Hoptimize is the first hops product for the individual beer drinker to customize the beer they are drinking at the time of consumption.

 Hoptimize is the best way to bring quality hops with you on any adventure.  In one 10ml bottle there are 56 to 280 servings. Plenty to share with friends, or hop up a whole keg! 

Adjusting the hops vs malt balance of beer is now available to everyone not just brewers.  With Hoptimize Organic craft beer lovers can now easily add all natural hops flavor and aroma to any beer...Anywhere.  

Add tons of  Hop flavor to Light beer with out adding calories!

Adjust the bittering hops after the beer is brewed, at any point, even in your glass. 

Keep Hoptimize in your pocket on those tropical vacations where craft beer is scarce. 

Hop it up to the correct level slowly 1 drop at a time. 


Add 1-5 Drops per 12oz beverage.


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Hoptimize Organic by the Case, 12 times the hops at a 44% savings plus Free Shipping

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