Hoptimize CBD Hops+Hemp Bitters


Hoptimize CBD Hops + Hemp Bitters is a blend of the finest hop extracts and organic Colorado hemp sourced CBD in a 10ml amber glass Dropper bottle.

Delivering delicious varieties; Cascade and Bravo for aroma and Apollo for bittering, alongside a subtle hemp note all carried by the finest organic spirits.

Each 10ml bottle has 750mg Organic Colorado-grown hemp isolate CBD which translates to 2.5mg CBD per drop or 70mg/ml

Now you can enjoy a significant dose of the various beneficial effects of CBD in your beer or Cocktail of choice. Medicinal beer? of course it is!

New research is showing that the anti-inflammatory effects of CBDs have great benefits in recovery from physical training. One more reason to drink beer with CBDs after a hard ride.

The hops flavors are dominant with just a hint of hempy cannabidiol.

Each drop of Hoptimize CBD adds 6 IBUs to 12oz. or 10ml adds 31 IBU to 5 Gallons. It's easy and accurate to scale drops per


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Hoptimize CBD Hops+Hemp Bitters

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